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Who We Are

Based on the knowledge and experiences acquired by a team in the Turkish research and consultancy sector and individuals who are experts in their respective fields, Nish Research is a research and consultancy company that started its journey to provide direction, guidance and consultancy in the markets with restricted of the sources of information across the Middle East region including Iraq, Iran and Lebanon. As Nish Research, we aim to have a good comprehension of the market to advice customers accordingly and to ensure good understanding of the customer needs in order to provide both research and consultancy services by finding the right answers.

We are in the roads, streets and the right places in the Middle East in order to share with you our knowledge and experiences on the Middle Eastern market with the restriction of the availability of the information and to serve you by using the correct research methods and techniques supported by projects that are prepared and developed for your custom needs and in line with the regional dynamics for seeking answers for new questions. We support you to collaborate with the right people at the right time and places and to produce appropriate solutions for problematic conditions.

In 2009, we started this journey and conducted research activities in order to find answers to all questions you wonder about the market in the region and to provide regional guidance and consultancy to our customers. For the same proposes we opened our first official office

Our Mission

We have a significant understanding of how the social dynamics in Iraq have evolved as we have been witnessing the development of Iraq, after a long period of isolation from economic developments, since 2009 we are using our experiences in the Turkish research sector. The key factor of making research more important is reading data with the background consideration. We make an effort to read data in a healthy manner with the help of our long-term experiences in the Iraqi market. We achieve this from an external perspective but at the same time by using our internal observation experience.

As Nish Research we aim to understand the needs of our customers and to ensure their projects are built considering the right local conditions and they get the highest possible benefits.

Our Research Solutions


We are committed to collect data by using the latest global techniques and delivering maximum quality in all our efforts. We conduct all our quantitative studies using the CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) technique which allows us to save time and to obtain high-quality data.

As Nish Research we use Quantitative research methods to provide our customers with tailored research solutions in the following fields.

  • Brand Recognition and Perception Surveys
  • Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys
  • Current, Potential and Lost Customer Surveys
  • Mystery Customer Surveys
  • Use, Attitude and Segmentation Surveys
  • Concept and Product Tests
  • Advertisement and Brand Monitoring Surveys
  • Corporate Reputation Surveys
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Social and Public Opinion Surveys


At Nish Research qualitative surveys represent a significant part of our research activities. These mainly include Focus groups and Home visits. It is really important to analyze the Iraqi market which joined the global market late in the light of qualitative data. We offer our customers the best service in this field with our experienced moderators who have a background of managing hundreds of projects. We help our customers to save time through international live broadcasting, accompanied by simultaneous interpreters.

Our Union Surveys

Consumer Omnibus

As Nish Research we designed a number of union projects to the needs of our customers, building on our long-term experiences in Iraq. We aim to meet the needs of our customers through cost-cutting union surveys with multiple participants.

Consumer Omnibus is a model covering all target groups allowing us to include questions for all sectors. It is a survey conducted four times in a year (March, June, September, December), consisting of 5 Cities (Baghdad, Basra, Najaf, Erbil, and Sulaymaniyah) and 1,080 samples. The survey includes interviews with men and women of age group 15 to 59.

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Womenbus is a study designed to meet the needs of our customers whose target audience is mainly composed of women. The study will be done only with women. It is a survey conducted four times in a year (February, May, August, November), consisting of 5 Cities (Baghdad, Basra, Najaf, Erbil, and Sulaymaniyah) and 800 samples. Women of age group 15 to 59 are interviewed.

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Numeric Distribution

As Iraq is a market, distribution networks are not systematic at the desired level. Some brands using excellent distribution levels and others demonstrating the critiques towards the distribution from time to time. It is a study conducted three times in a year to understand and monitor the success of our customers offering products to the Iraqi market and their competitors in terms of distribution.  The study is performed in Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Dohuk by monitoring distribution performance of brands at a total of 800 retail points.  The on-site survey is conducted in January, May and September.

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Home Tracking

Home Tracking survey aims to monitor the consumption and purchasing behaviours of Iraqi consumers as a project designed to meet the expectations from the Household panel which is a key shortcoming in Iraq.  The survey is conducted four times in a year (September, December, March, June), consisting of 3 Cities (Erbil, Dhuk, and Sulaymaniyah) and 800 samples. Total number of samples are distributed into 4 weeks for survey periods with 200 households interviewed each week. In addition to the detailed demographics of the household, specific products owned and purchasing behaviours, spare times as well as brand, sub-brand, weight in grams, quantity and other details for the products from the relevant category available in the house at that time are collected and reported. During each period, 50% of the households visited during the previous period are revisited in order to monitor the change and transformation of the households.

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Irak Bulletin

Iraq is a country that is experiencing a restructuring process and therefore evolving continuously and very fast.  This is a survey model seeking to learn about people's perspective on the general problems of their country, their expectations from the future, their problems and lifestyles. We share with our customers for free the report of the survey. This allows us to give further details to our customers about the country and to update them on the general situation in the country. 

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Advertising is an essential element for modern marketing. Advertisement is an expensive product and therefore it is important to contact the target audience using the right methods.  We conduct periodic media surveys in order to keep close track of the channels and programs watched by Iraqi people.

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