Ad Hoc Research

Brand Perception Research:

Consumers' emotions and feelings towards brands after the experience These are the studies that measure the opinions of the competitors and aim to understand the situation of the competing brands against each other in the eyes of the consumers. We obtain the ways and methods to move forward by discovering the perception of our brand in the consumer from perception research.


Brand and Ad Tracking

It is the research conducted to monitor how the communication is perceived by the target audience in order for the advertising investments to reach their goals.


Advertisement Post Test

It is research that aims to understand the recall power of a published advertisement on the target audience, the perception it creates and its effect on purchasing.


Advertisement Pre-Test

These are the types of research that contribute to the redesign of the advertisement in accordance with the perception of the target audience, by showing an advertisement to a group representing the target audience while it is still in the concept or animatic film stage, and the evaluations of this group regarding the relevant advertisement sample are taken.


Concept Test

It is the research to understand the perception of the designed product in the eyes of the target audience after the completion of the design phase of a product and to what extent the expectations are met.


Package and Tasting Tests

It is the research that contributes to understanding how the packaging of a product or the product itself is met by consumers, and thus to ensure that the product is revised before it is put on the market with the results obtained.



It is the research of evaluating the products within the whole market so that they can take place in the market with the right pricing.


Customer Satisfaction

It is research to understand the satisfaction of customers with your products or services and the reasons behind such satisfaction.


Employee Satisfaction

These are the research in which we measure the satisfaction and loyalty of the employees from the institutions and organizations, and accordingly, we aim to receive their suggestions and complaints.


Mystery Shopper

These are the types of research in which we measure the extent to which our employees engage and offer recommended activations in your stores or outlets.


Corporate Reputation

It is the research conducted in order to obtain the data needed to understand and manage the reputation of the institution according to the sector it is in and the like, and to re-manage the corporate communication strategies accordingly.


Our Syndicate Research

Consumer Omnibus

Ombinus is repeated 4 times a year. Women and men, whose ages are between 15 and 59, are its target audience. It is made by F2F online CAPI method in 6 cities with 800 people. Participation can be ensured in all categories, especially in Fast Moved Consumer Goods (FMCG) and personal care. It bases on all socioeconomic crowds.



Womenbus is repeated 4 times a year. It is made by F2F online CAPI method in 4 cities with 600 people. Women, whose ages are between 18 and 59, are its target audience. Our clients regularly ensure participation in this project because of women's determining role, especially in Personal Care Products and also Fast Moved Consumer Goods(FMCG). We also poll shopping habits within this project.


Home Tracking

Home Tracking is repeated 4 times a year. Women whose ages, are between 18 and 59, are its target audience. We focus on product presence at houses within this Project, by examining shopping habits and purchasing quantity. We interview again the 50% of people whom we have just interviewed previously. We make the study in the KRG and CSI cities. for KRG; Erbil, Suleymaniye, and Dohuk by 600 houses, For CSI; Baghdad, Basrah, and Najaf by 600 houses. Will make a different report for each region.


Nish Retail

Retail research is one of our main areas of expertise as Nish research. Based on our experiences in the country and considering the reality of the country, we define modern and traditional channels. We define sales points that have at least 2 cashiers and make their sales via hand terminals as modern channels and points with less than 2 cashiers as traditional channels. In the past, we have developed a number of special models based on our work.

Modern Channel Tracking

These are our monthly and periodic surveys in the CSI and KRG regions. In the scope of the research;

-Brand availability

-Availability by SKU


-Shelf share

-Organization and display

These are the research in which we examine their situations in detail. Our sample numbers in monthly and periodic tracking vary according to the scope of the research.


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